Why True Influence?

True Influence® delivers the intent-based demand generation you need to take marketing and sales results to a whole new level.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful intent monitoring solution or a source for top-quality verified B2B contact records, we have the solution that’s right for you, backed by industry-leading support.

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Our Data

At True Influence, data quality isn’t just an idea — it’s an obsession. We give you access to the largest B2B data pool in the industry.

Our Solutions

Every True Influence solution is works together to give you the most powerful demand generation in the industry, from monitoring intent data to identifying your most ideal personas.

Our Business Contacts

Our curated list of over 500 million B2B contacts features email addresses, phone numbers, company names and positions of business professionals in more than 160 countries around the globe.

Seamless Integration

InsightBase integrates with your Marketing Automation platform or CRM to supercharge your existing campaign database.



We’ve designed our True Influence solutions to work together to fill all stages of your funnel. InsightBase integrates with your existing platforms to power your marketing efforts with intent data from real targets, based on their online activities. Our demand generation solutions leverage the power of InsightBase to deliver verified B2B contact records directly to your sales team, ready to connect.


We believe there’s much more to support than answering questions and fixing problems. As a True Influence customer, you’ll have your own team of success partners dedicated to helping you get the most out of our solutions, whether you need training or in-depth advice. And you’ll always get help from a real person — no canned responses.


Try Your Complimentary Intent Data

Our TripleCheck® Guarantee

Our contact records are real, employed, and reachable. There are three components that make up our TripleCheck Verification process.

First, we use proprietary algorithms to screen out inaccurate records, so only real, active B2B contact records get delivered to you. Second, our team verifies by phone the business contact information as required, including phone numbers, for complete and up-to-date accuracy. Third, we verify through social media to confirm company affiliation.

OUR GUARANTEE: Contact records are 100% guaranteed. Any out-of-target contacts are replaced, no questions asked.


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